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USA After-Sale Center Lists

Some Brands launched after-sales service center in United States. For US customers, if you want to get your products repaired asap, you can contact the local after-sales service center. Still you can contact us first. And we’ll keep updating the lists.



Sigelei USA After-Sale Center:

Email: warranty@ci-garette.com

Telephone: 1 (909) 218-4484

Address: 1500 S Milliken Ave.,# F, Ontario, CA, 91761, United States


Lost Vape's Repair Center information:

Email: Lostvaperepair@gmail.com

Phone: 234-360-9228

Address: 8171 Linden rd nw Malvern, OH, 44644, United States


Pioneer4you USA Service Center:

Email: service@kmg-import.com

Address: 4 McLaren, Suite C, Irvine, California, 92618, United States