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Tax and Customs duties

Thank you for your support to Cigabuy.


Because Cigabuy sends products from Hong Kong (a free port), there is no sales tax or duties imposed by the Hong Kong government. Customers do not have to pay any sales tax or export duties when they purchase from Cigabuy.


Statistically, less than 1%  of all Cigabuy orders has ever got opened by the Customs in customers' countries. If the package is checked by their country's customs office when the item arrives in their country, regularly, customers are responsible for import duties, tariffs, or taxes.


Although the chance of packages being Customs assessed is small, Cigabuy strongly encourages all customers to check with their local Customs office for any potential import taxes, duties, and tariffs. In addition, some products may require special licenses or permits to import. Cigabuy is not responsible for products being confiscated by the Customs in customers' countries.


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