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Write Reviews to Earn MT Points

Earn your bonus CigaBuy(CG) points by writing reviews


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Share your experience, feelings and thoughts now; it will be very helpful for someone else in making an informed decision about a particular product while shopping with us. Ownership verification is necessary, that is, you must have bought the item from us before you writing a review about it. You should give reviews 24 hours after the successful payment and within 90 days. Then CG reward points will be added to your account when your review is approved as a way to thank you for sharing. The more informative the more CG Points you can earn: 2 CG points for Normal review and 4 CG points for Advanced review.

What's more? All customers are welcomed to make a comment on existing reviews written by others. All you need is an account on CigaBuy.com and login into it. You can get 1 CG reward points in return for every comment you made. For more informative comments 2 CG reward points will be rewarded.

The rewarding CG reward points are active immediately for redemptions. Review and comments in English is recommended, but non-English is also accepted.

We will read all reviews and comments before posting them. We reserve the right not to post a review if it does not meet certain guidelines. Please read the review guideline below to ensure that your review is appropriate for posting on CigaBuy.com.

Review Posting Guidelines

We will read all reviews before posting them on our website and may reject some reviews if they don't follow the guidelines. Here are some of the things that can cause a review to be rejected:

•Offensive or abusive languages.
•Hyperlinks and URLs which lead to other stores, resellers or competitors.
•Inclusion of price information since price changes everyday due to the fluctuation of currency exchange rates.
•Posting of a question. (Please post such question on FAQ and we will answer you online.)
•Reference to other competitors' similar products.
•Reviews for products that are out of stock now and won't be available in near future.
•Reviews that are overly simple. Please be more informative.
•Any personal contact information such as e-mail address and phone numbers.
•Any enquiry, questions, complaint and dispute of your uncompleted transactions such as payment confirmation, parcel tracking, damaged on delivery items or problem of how to use the products etc. (You are welcome to email our customer service center at sales@cigabuy.com and we are always happy to help you with such issues.)

Lastly, we do post all reviews, positive or negative, as long as you stick to these guidelines.