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Extended Affiliate

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Extended Affiliate



Promote CigaBuy.com online for Consumable Points (USD 1 = 10 CB points)


Any registered user of CigaBuy.com


Forums, review websites, deals/coupon/discount sites

What to do:   

Post "original and fresh" threads or comments which are in favor of CigaBuy.com.Your article must be created by yourself and can be posted on 5 sites at most.

How Much for Your Work:

5- 100 CB Points/Post (Examples: http://www.ecigtalk.ru/forum/f18/t24828.html#post2450241). The points can be used for purchase on CigaBuy.com from the moment you get it. And Every 100 CB points can be cashed out.


Informativeness, readability, length, relevance, popularity


1. Make a post online.

2. Send your URL to us in "My Account – Extended Affiliate" with some introduction about your Post.



3. 60 hours after you send your URL, we add rewarding points to your account through our system if your post is still alive at the time.

Some Extra Rules:

1.  A blog or a piece of news must be longer than 100 words.


2.  No more than 2 posts in the same website a day.


3.  Send your URL to us immediately after you make a post.


4.  Choose a unique nickname for all your promotion accounts. If your nickname has been used by others on some websites, you can add some numbers or letters to it. E.g "nothingwrongwithme" and "nothingwrongwithmeya"


If you have any question, feel free to ask us through affiliate@CigaBuy.com or on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CigabuyECigarettes


CigaBuy.com reserves the rights to explain, modify, and end the program without further advice.