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Atomizer Low

“Atomizer Low” can mean different things depending on the mod you use. Usually, it stems from the resistance of your coils. The mod reads that the coils are a lower resistance than the lowest allowed resistance of your device.


Let’s say you have an Eleaf iStick 30w mod, and you try to use a Horizon Arctic tank on it.


The Arctic includes a 0.2 ohm coil, which is too low for your 30w iStick. This mod can only read resistance down to 0.4 ohms.

This answer is not an end-all. “Atomizer Low” can also mean there is a short in the coil, a poor resistance reading, loosely seated coil, or a faulty 510 connection on the device.


The quickest fix for this error is to make sure your atomizer is compatible with your mod.


Most current devices on the market will have resistance limitations listed in the user manual, make sure you double check the specs.


With the iStick 30w used in this example, you will need to use coils that are 0.4 ohms or higher.


Variations in pre-built coils that can differ up to the tenths of an ohm, make sure your coils are not cutting it too close to the mod’s limit.


If your coil resistance is close to your mods lowest limit, pop in a spare coil into the tank and try to fire up the mod.