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How to earn CB points?

Welcome to CigaBuy.

How to get CB points(10 CB Points = 1$ ).
1) We have many contests on Facebook and Twitter with high-value CB points as rewards.
   Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CigabuyECigarettes
   Twitter: https://twitter.com/CigabuyEciga

2) Write reviews on a product within 60 days after buying it , then you will be rewarded 4 CB points at most.

3) Maximum Reward for uploading a product picture is 2 CB points.

4) At most 10 CB points will be sent to your account as the reward for shooting a product video.

5) You are recommended to join our affiliate program, for which, here are the detailed rules:

6)  You will get the points worth 10% of the whole puchasing price.

Any questions please contact us by Customer Service Express: http://help.cigabuy.com/contact-us