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All of the discount activities on Cigabuy.com

Thank you for your support to Cigabuy.

1, The points which buyers can get are 10% after deducting all the concession activities.

2, Affiliate activities:  The buyers using affiliate link must be new-coming.There is no customer group discount when Affiliate is used.The buyer can only have one chance to recommend a new buyer.That is to say within 30 days,The new-coming buyers register an account, then buy some items. After that they can't use the affiliate link.The recommendor can get sales commission ;the affiliate link provided by other recommenders are  not effective to this buyer any more.

3, Affiliate can't be applied if one of the discounts has used promotion code discounts and specail discounts.ortherwise the buyers can get 10% of the points and 50% of points for the recommender.The recommender can't get 50% of the points when  activity  discount codes  are used; this rule also goes for special discounts.

The recommender can get 50% of the recommending excluding the items using promotion code discounts and specail offers,but for the buyer you can still get 10% of the whole puchasing price as for the purchaing integral after deducting all the premium.

4, All the preferential activities are Mutually exclusive.These activities include customer group discounts,quantity discounts,Affiliate,specail offers and promotion codes.

5,Items under Special Offers do not participate all the promotion campaigns, such as quantity discount, affiliate program and coupon discount.

6, If you want to use coupon discount, affiliate program is not valid at the moment, that is, the referring person won't get any referral points though you buy items through his/her referral links.

7, All promotion activities, such as group discount, quantity discount, affiliate program, coupon discount and special offer discount, can not overlapped with each other, that is, we will select the largest applicable discount for your order. Don't worry about missing any preferences. We will consider the items separately in one order.

a. If you add several products (including special offer items and ordinary items) into your shopping cart, for ordinary items you can still enjoy normal promotion discount.

For example, our VIP customers can enjoy 3%-off group discount; if they purchase some ordinary items and some special offer items that have already been 5% off, so only the ordinary products will be totaled with 3% discount off.

b. If using coupon code, when coupon discount < quantity discount, you can enjoy the quantity discount as usual; when coupon discount > quantity discount, the order will be calculated based on the original price; quantity discount is not available at this moment. Please note that the Sub-total displayed in our checkout list is quantity discount price, thus the deduction amount shown after using promotion coupon code is less than actual coupon discount amount.

For example, if you buy 5 pieces of item SSD-4261 with a 10%-off coupon code, the Sub-Total on your checkout list is quantity discount price: $7.47 x 5 = $37.34. Then when you enter your coupon code, the actual final total is what the original price of 5 items deducting 10% off gets, that is, $7.62 x 5 x (1-10%) = $34.29. So the deduction amount displayed after using Discount Coupon will be $37.34 - $34.29 = $3.05, instead of $37.34*10% = $3.73.

8. Bought points and review points are valid within 1 year from the obtained date.

Any questions please contact us by Customer Service Express: http://help.cigabuy.com/contact-us