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Check Atomizer

This is a general-purpose warning like “Atomizer Low.” Oftentimes, “Check Atomizer” indicates the 510 connection on your mod doesn’t register your tank. Some devices spit this error out when there is a short or a bad resistance reading/loose coil.


If your mod does not see your atomizer, it can’t determine the resistance, and it can’t send power to the coils.


Sometimes, out of nowhere, a device can deliver this error and leave you stranded without a vape.


Suppose you are at work, and just got out of a tense meeting. You are about to take a vape and your cuboid says “Check Atomizer.”


Without any tools, the only thing you can do is remove the tank and clean the 510 area, both on the tank and the mod.


If there is an adjustable 510 pin on the atomizer, make sure that it isn’t missing.

When you re-seat the tank or clearomizer, try to thread it only until you start to feel a little resistance.


This means your tank is making contact with the mod. Take great care not to over-tighten your tank when you put it back on.


Over time, doing so will damage the 510 connection on the mod and/or internal wiring as well. This is especially the case for spring-loaded 510 pins.


Suppose that didn’t help… Well, then you have to try to troubleshoot.


Is it the Cuboid or the tank?


Try another known working tank on the Cuboid, to see if it still outputs the error. If it works fine, you have a problem with the tank.


If not, there is an internal error with the device, send it out for service!