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Atomizer Leakage

Flooding or Leaking

Is your tank leaking liquid or flooding? This is a common problem with tanks no matter where you buy them or who manufactures them. However, recent improvements in vaping technology are making this a less common occurrence.


The problem of leaking, flooding, and gurgling e-juice in clearomizer tanks typically doesn't have anything to do with the quality of the tank, instead, it’s about physics.


What Causes Gurgling?

Tanks consist of an atomizer base, atomizer, and an air flow cylinder in the center of the tank itself. The atomizer is a metal wire (coil) that converts the liquid to vapor by heat. This heat is generated by the flow of current from the battery through the coil. The atomizer is attached to the base with the wick strung through it. Liquid flows from the tank through the wicking material to the atomizer. 


The concept is that the wick will soak up the liquid and prevent excess liquid from dripping into the cylinder. Most of the time, this works as intended. However, occasionally the wicking material will become over-saturated or there is a build up of excess liquid in the coil area, creating the gurgling sound.


To fix this problem, you need to remove the atomizer from the tank. Now try blowing out the e-liquid with a reverse blow-out by simply using a paper towel and blowing into the atomizer tip a few times. Turn it over and repeat this step until nothing comes out. Warning: you will be tasting liquid during this process.


Prevent Leaking & Flooding

Here are a few helpful preventative measures:

Keep your tank more than a 1/3 full of liquid. This maintains a stable vacuum inside the tank

You want to make sure that the atomizer’s o-rings (gaskets) aren’t broken or isn't threaded on too tightly. Wrenching down on the threads compresses the o-rings. Finger tight is best.

Use quality liquid. Cheap liquid is very watery and greatly contributes to leaking.

Do regular maintenance on your equipment such as keeping your contacts clean and changing out your atomizers regularly.