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Electronic Cigarette

Starter Guides


1.      What is an Electronic Cigarette?


2.      History of Electronic Cigarettes


3.      Where can I buy Electronic Cigarettes?


4.      Do E-cigarettes taste like real cigarette?


5.      Why should I choose electronic cigarettes?


6.      Can e-cigarettes help me quit smoking?


7.      Can I really smoke an e-cigarette anywhere?


8.      How does the e-cigarette work?


9.      How do I turn the e-cigarette off?


10.    Are e-cigarettes cheaper than traditional smoking products?


11.    eGo E-cigarette Maintenance


Health & Safety


12.    Are Electronic Cigarettes safe to use?  


13.    What are the laws about e-cigarettes?


About E-liquid


14.    What is the e-liquid made of?


15.    About E-liquid flavors


16.    What makes the premium quality e-liquid?


About Batteries


17.    About eGo battery 5-Click Safety Function


18.    USB Pass-through Battery


19.    How to charge the battery?


About Clearomizers


20.    How to choose Clearomizer?


21.    What is the difference between a Cartridge and a Clearomizer?


22.    How long do the cartridges last?


23.    What is the vapor?


24.    Tips for CE4/CE4S Clearomizer