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About Clearomizers

1.       How to choose Clearomizer?

The atomizer vapor depends on clearomizer resistance and oil conductivity. Normally, large capacity clearomizer features good oil conductivity and stable vapor.



2.       What is the difference between a Cartridge and a Clearomizer?

Clearomizer combine the atomizer and cartridge and connect with the battery for a 2-piece e-cigarette, while cartridges contain just the nicotine dilution and connect with the battery and atomizers for a 3-piece e-cigarette.

Clearomizer have more capacity of the cartridges and produce more vapor and cartridges are disposable, while clearomizers can be refilled with e-liquid.



3.       How long do the cartridges last?

Cartridges should last about a day for the average smoker which is equivalent to about a pack of cigarettes. Clearomizers are equivalent to about two packs of cigarettes



4.       What is the vapor?

When one draws on an e cigarette, the e liquid is heated by an inbuilt atomizer to produce a virtually odorless vapor. The vapor, which looks just like tobacco smoke, can be inhaled in the same way.



5.       Tips for CE4/CE4S Clearomizer

1 For the first time use, it’s recommended to refill the atomizer full to 1.6ml and wait approx. 5minutes in order to make the e-liquid dipped into the core.

2 Generally, the atomizer will produce a little scent of burnt smoky for the first time use. And afterwards, refill the e-liquid into atomizer once it is less the 0.8ml to avoid the burnt smoky and maintain the atomizer life.

3 It’s recommended to buy brand e-liquid.