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About Batteries

1.       About eGo battery 5-Click Safety Function

Newer batteries include a 5-click safety function that allows the battery to be turned off to avoid inadvertent activation. With 5 quick presses of the activation button the battery will be turned off and can be stored safely in a pocket or purse without the chance of it accidentally activating and ruining your atomizer. To turn it back on you simply press the button quickly 5 more times. Many new users may believe that they have received a defective battery because it may be inactive when they receive it, but 5 quick clicks will oftentimes fix the problem by re-activating the battery.



2.       USB Pass-through Battery

This battery type is actually an accessory that allows for direct power for your e-cig from a computer, AC Adapter, Car Adapter, or any other USB power source. It looks like a standard eGo battery, but has a mini USB port on the end. When plugged into a USB outlet using the included cable the battery not only charges, but can still be used at the same time. This makes the eGo Pass-through perfect for someone that spends a lot of time at their computer, or simply wants to be able to use their battery while it is charging. Best of all the battery can be unplugged and taken on the go just like any other eGo battery and it provides the same extended battery life.



3.       How to charge the battery?

You just screw the battery with the USB charger, and then plug it into the PC or AC-USB Adapter or Car-USB adapter.