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(1) About Seckill Promotion

Q: What is the Seckill promotion?

A: The Seckill is CigaBuy's highly competitive promotion, offering a very limited number of hugely discounted items at an appointed time. The quantities of seckill deals are very limited and are offered at a first-come-first-serve basis until the supplies last. With low prices like these, seckill items will sell out in a flash.

Note: Coupon codes are needed in a Seckill promotion to apply discounts, which usually appear upon the pictures of our seckill items about 5 seconds before the Seckill items begin put on sale on our Seckill page.


Q: When is the promotion period?

A: CigaBuy.com offer Seckill promotions from time to time throughout the year, which frequently accompany our big sales.

The detailed promotion time will be displayed on our Seckill page and they are Greenwich Mean Time. For example, the seckill starts at Beijing time 17:00, March 21st, 2014 (GMT+8), while the Spain / Italy / France / Germany / Hungary local time is 10:00 March 21st; Moscow local time is 13:00 March 21st.

To find out when the Seckill starts in your local time, please look at the time zone conversion timetable at the bottom of this page.


Q: What kinds of products does the Seckill promotion include?

A: We work very hard to find great-value items that our customers love. Seckill items can come from any product category on CigaBuy.


Q: How many rounds will there be during the Seckill promotion?

A: The Seckill promotion may run in one or more rounds during the promotion period and products may vary with each round of promotion. For more details, please stay tuned for our further information on our Seckill page when each round ends.


Q: Where can I find the Seckill?

A: As we answered in the 2nd question, Seckill promotions are launched from to time throughout the year. However, you can be the first to get the latest information of it through our e-newsletter alerts. Subscribe now

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